Poets Speaking To Poets

This poem, which first appeared in my chapbook “Irresistible”, is the first of two selected for the anthology  “Poets Speaking To Poets: Echoes and Tributes” – the brainchild of editors Robert Hamblin and Nicholas Fargnoli. My poem was written after Cecilia Woloch’s “Blazon”. I will post my tribute poem later. The book is a wonderful collection of poems that talk to each other through poets past and present. It’s available on Amazon here and also here.  

16 thoughts on “Poets Speaking To Poets

      1. When I first read this one in Irresistible a few years ago, I remember thinking *how lovely, this claim such physical affinity, such proximity of soul existing*…

        I didn’t yet know what I didn’t know…

        Who knew that I’d ever know what I definitely now do know–
        and appreciate your account of here all the more for my own knowing?

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      2. Thank you, Stephanie – I’m so very glad you’re in the know now! And I love that this poem can be appreciated through different lenses of time and experience by the same person, which you’ve so wonderfully and koan-like articulated here. xox

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