A Kindness Bestowed

Photo by SAMUEL HENRY on Unsplash

When Camel-heavy lungs finally shrank
my father’s world to a bed by the window,
on sunny winter days his bed
became a beach where he lay,
pajama top unbuttoned, hairless chest
exposed, the whooshing surf
of the oxygen tank now pleasing.

And the sun, unmitigated by a pane of glass
or the pain of a rationed breath,
was kindness itself, bestowing the
warmth of many hands it seemed,
keeping the dying fire inside aglow
long after it reached the end
of his square footage of sky.

Today’s sunshine reminded me of this poem, first published in “Best of Kindness 2017” by the Origami Poems Project. My father never lived to see this poem but he told me that the best last days of his life were as I’ve attempted to describe.

10 thoughts on “A Kindness Bestowed

  1. Beautifully written … and carries dignity in spite of circumstances … I hope when my time comes I can follow his model of embracing little pleasures like sunshine coming through a window.

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  2. I well remember your poem, Lynne… Please consider submitting to our new Kindness contest open thru 7/15.

    There is no fee and you can submit 2 poems (thru Submittable). 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes ($100, $50 & $25). Read details at the Submittable portal:

    Julia Meylor is our finalist judge – a fine poet and very familiar with Kindness.

    Please consider sharing your insights on Kindness…

    Best –
    Jan Keough, editor, OPP

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    1. Jan, thanks so much for your comment! And indeed I’m already in the process of choosing 2 poems to send in. I love all the books and minis you compile!🙏💜


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