Poem Up at Recenter Press

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

My poem LIFE – A Snapshot is now live at Recenter Press Poetry Journal! This poem was written a very long time ago – many thanks to editor Terra Oliveira for including it in Issue 3, alongside other insightful poems. And thanks to fellow poet Robert Okaji for introducing me to this journal, whose purpose is as its name suggests – to recenter!

2 thoughts on “Poem Up at Recenter Press

  1. Lynne, this is timeless … certainly resonates now, but would have felt relevant 20 years ago. (Likely 40 years ago if you could’ve gotten my attention long enough to read it!) What tugs at me most is “the last face seen” (I think I know who I want that to be, but do I really? I’m still on the bridge, meeting people, and possibly the face coming to mind now will have gone on before me by the time it’s my time …

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    1. Oh my, Jazz, how beautiful your comment! Makes me teary. I’m still on the bridge too and very appreciative not only of who that last face might be but all the faces I pass by 🙏💙 Thank you for your big heart.

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