2 Poems Up At The American Journal Of Poetry


Photo by Joseph Greve on Unsplash

Thrilled to have two poems (“Paradox” and “Elsewhere”) included in Volume Seven of The American Journal Of Poetry alongside the work of poets I’ve long admired! Many thanks to editor Robert Nazarene for ushering them into the larger world!

7 thoughts on “2 Poems Up At The American Journal Of Poetry

  1. Both poems are good reminders of what’s essential – your take on “drinking water” hits me differently now than if I’d read it years ago when you first wrote it … having gone through a “boil-before-drinking” week less than a year ago right smack in the middle of a city proud of its water supply through the years. A big enough flood can wash away all sorts of confidences!

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    1. Isn’t that the truth, Jazz! The water poem was inspired by watching my ten year old son gulp down a glass. He’s a very aware lad I’m proud to say, but I found myself thinking about people who’ve never been without, never had a concern about the availability and safety of the water they drink – that assumption and confidence you mentioned!


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