Poem Up in “Upheavals”

Cover art by Amanda Yskamp

More good news! My poem VANISHING POINT is now live in the “Upheavals” issue of Wordrunners e-chapbooks. Many thanks to editor Jo-Anne Rosen for selecting it. Here is another link to the chapbook content in full, where you can read some of the other wonderful writings or download the entire book for free: Upheavals



8 thoughts on “Poem Up in “Upheavals”

  1. Superbly captured the scene of same questions over and over. Loved the disappearing ink thought. I suspect specific answers to such questions may be less important than helping the asker form some general assessment of patient (question a means to engage briefly).
    Your closing is beautiful, powerful.

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    1. Oh Jazz, thank you for your generous and insightful comments! Yes, you’re probably right about the clipboarders – I hadn’t thought about that aspect.🙏😘

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