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My poem “Shine” has just been published in Arc Poetry Magazine 86, the Summer 2018 Issue, available only as a print issue right now. Shine didn’t win Arc’s Poem of the Year award but was shortlisted for it. You can read the poem and the judge’s comments here. I am very honoured to be among the finalists and to have this poem finally go out into the world and what a beautiful journal to make its first appearance in!

I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks, away boating where there’s no cell reception or internet or papers or TV! I hope to post more frequently, now that I’m back and almost completely moved into our new house (on a very large island no less!).

9 thoughts on “Shine

  1. Congratulations… well deserved recognition…I thought the poem could apply to people in different life situations other than just seniors (as referenced in the write-up) … perhaps I missed some specific clues…


    1. Well, Janice, thank you and you didn’t miss anything- you’re absolutely right about the poem applying to different life situations and it wasn’t written with seniors in mind either, that was the judge’s take. I did have a younger woman/older man in mind but the important thing was the complication of a deceased wife.

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