SHINE – Shortlisted for Arc’s Poem of the Year Award!

Not only is ARC a beautiful journal that I have subscribed to for years, it’s one I’ve always wanted to be published in – and now I will! Regardless of results as to the Grand Prize winner and Honorable Mention, all 10 finalists receive paid publication in the summer issue. And this poem has been shortlisted many places many times without that added bonus. You can probably see the smile on my face wherever this note finds you! Anyway, for the first phase of final judging, ARC invites the public to vote on their choice for Poem of the Year, and that winner gets the Reader’s Choice Award. If any of you are so inclined to vote for the poem you like best, this link showcases all 10 poems in full and also the link to cast a vote:Β

It’s not easy to wade through so many poems, especially long ones (mine’s short) so a big thank you to the brave ones who do! And thanks for following this blog!

11 thoughts on “SHINE – Shortlisted for Arc’s Poem of the Year Award!

    1. Well, it sounds like you like it, Stephanie – love your reaction, though I didn’t mean to leave you speechless! Thanks for the 3 hearts!

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    1. Thank you, Bob! And no doubt you recognize the poem from Truchas. Ken’s right – a lot of worthy poems on the shortlist – I’m just so happy that no matter what, Shine has found a home!

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      1. Well, the updated version is indirectly thanks to you, Bob! This was one of 3 poems I had critiqued by Karen Craigo – a perk you offered for donating to your Tupelo 30/30 challenge. This was her favourite, and I took her observations to heart.

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