Date Night

Photo by nic on Unsplash

Often my husband and I meet for dinner at a busy restaurant.
I’ll ride the bus so we can drive home together in his truck.

Whoever’s there first grabs a couple of seats at the bar,
orders two glasses of Malbec, sips one and waits.

I like to think that’s how it’ll be in the afterlife—

one a little behind the other, the door opening
into the hum of an obviously popular place.

Zigzagging through the crowd—that glad spark
of recognition, both of us brimming with news.

Another poem from my chapbook “Irresistible”, due out in March from Finishing Line Press. It’s been given a 2 day grace period so YES, pre-orders are still available until Jan. 14th !


6 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Lynne I tried to post this on Twitter. It looked like it was happening but then didn’t. Not sure why… I tried to find you then (thought I was following you) but no sign (including from your follow link). Let me know. I love this poem especially how it revolves around the line “I like to think that’s how it will be in the afterlife–”. Lovely work. Speaking of which – I really do have to get to work now.

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    1. Thanks for alerting me, Chris. I couldn’t find your post and I see I never posted it on Twitter for some reason. My Twitter info is Lynne B @Rainlynne. Would love to follow you there too! I think the Follow link is for this WordPress site and certainly I am following you there as I get emailed re your new posts. Do let me know if you’re able to track me down on Twitter etc! And thanks for your poem comments – it’s one of my favourite poems too.

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