“Clear Night Over Treadwell Bay” – Nominated for Best of the Net 2017

Photo by Luca Baggio on Unsplash

A couple of hundred miles up the coast
two weeks into a summer of cruising
we end our day of fishing with a movie.
But the shouting and shooting carve sharp
initials into the tree-deep silence here,
so I step outside, right onto the glittering
dance floor of an olive-black sky
on a clear, good night. My mind whirls,

words falling far away, then my fears,
then even the best of the best in me, all
dwarfed by this lavish sprinkling of stars:
confetti of the gods, tossed long ago upon
a lifted veil—marrying me now to the
faintest glimmer of worlds beyond ours.
I gaze, it seems forever, a moth burning
to remember a dream wings can’t forget.

I am thrilled to have this poem nominated for the Best of the Net 2017 Anthology by editor Cristina Norcross of the Blue Heron Review, where it appeared July 2016!

3 thoughts on ““Clear Night Over Treadwell Bay” – Nominated for Best of the Net 2017

  1. Lynne, my heartfelt congrats on the nomination! The vast penetrations of this poem most certainly garner the sanctions of cosmic communion, and send the unseen intentions of its reason – with a loving gentleness – directly into the welcome of our essential nature. What divine majesty do you collect and cast forth upon this earth Lynne, for all of us to know again? Much love. xx.

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  2. Congratulations on your nomination Lynne. What a poem! What a pleasure this evening to sit and read through your work again. There’s such a distinct thread weaving each line and each poem to the next. A life… written on the glittering dance floor of an olive black sky. Love it.

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  3. Wow! I really appreciate your comments, Chris! I couldn’t want more than to know a poem(s) has resonated with someone. This one was special to me and it moves me it touched someone else too. Thank you!


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