Good News

For anyone who wanted to attend my virtual poetry reading last Saturday – and couldn’t – there is now a link to the video, hooray: Fluid Vessels Poetry Reading. Many thanks to the Montreal PP staff and all the work they do behind the scenes! It’s one hour and first you see the poster, then an inset of the director of the Montreal PP and then it automatically goes fullscreen. I’m first up. There’s 10 minutes at the end where we all answer questions and I’m asked a question after that at the very end by a viewer, about “Date Night”. Thanks so much for your interest and support!  

5 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Thanks for posting this Lynn. I’m not good at absorbing readings but having read your poems before I enjoyed very much hearing you read them and having a ‘revisit’. Seeing the video also helped me absorb the event, ie Montreal International PP at McGill. Congratulations once again :))

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    1. Wow, Janice, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to tune in – means a lot! Thank you, it makes me happy my poems resonate with you as your haiku do with me (I love lyrical compression)!😘

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