Poem Up at Thimble Literary Magazine

Photo by Aswin Raj on Unsplash

I’m thrilled one of my oldest poems has finally found the perfect home in Thimble Literary Magazine! My deep thanks to editor Nadia Arioli and her staff, who promote their contributors in as many ways as they can – they are a poet’s dream team! There will be a print version of the issue but my poem can be read now in their online one here 

13 thoughts on “Poem Up at Thimble Literary Magazine

  1. Thought I left a comment on Thimble Literary page … but doesn’t show up … ? The poem is both stimulating and reflective. And your flute metaphor is a grabber for me – my husband plays native wooden flutes (our house is full of them) and credits the flute with his transition into midlife with sanity in check. I met him a couple years after he found flutes and have been enjoying his now for 20 years. Very spiritual.
    Congratulations on finding a home for this poem … and thank you for sharing it!

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    1. Jazz, I see you’re right, no comment on mag page (it was a bit of an ordeal to do so I discovered) so thank you for commenting here! That’s so cool about your husband and flutes! Great for a meditative atmosphere! There’s an extra pleasure in that this poem took so long to find a home😊


    1. Yes, it’s always hard when someone close is stressed and suffers physically because of it. I’ve found meditation to be most helpful. Thanks for reading, Michael!

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  2. So cool to be sitting here this morning reading some of your poems again! I so appreciate your depth and insight with a side of humour. Hope you’re having a good day on the other coast Lynne!

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    1. So great to hear from you, Chris! And I’m so happy my poems continue to resonate! I’ve stepped away from my blog for 3 months because I’m in Mexico (back home mid-April) having a very good time indeed! I’ll be posting much more frequently when I’m back. You made my day – thank you!

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      1. This morning I really felt that it’s time for me to get to work and bring my writing and disciple to another level. Maybe think about starting to try and get a few pieces published. Where to begin??? And you just stepped right into my mind. A hard working, big hearted poet I truly admire, who I know has been continually submitting and getting work published over the years. What an inspiring treat to dive back into your writing. Enjoy Mexico Lynne!

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      2. Well I, for one, will be delighted to read more of your posts, poems and now drawings! And as a fan, I’m so glad to hear you are going to send your work out! And my deep thanks for your words – they mean a lot.❤

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