Day Off

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Another poem from the recently released anthology “easing the edges: a collection of everyday miracles” with deep thanks to editor d. ellis phelps. Should you wish to read further, it’s available here in Canada and in USA.

14 thoughts on “Day Off

    1. Oh, wow, Ken, I’m so honoured you chose it! And you have such a resonant voice, wish I’d heard it – and also the fact of this poem being read by a man totally delights me – thank you!

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    1. Wow again, Ken! I love that you also read that poem! And yes, I think you are very attuned – the Origami of Longing definitely has a lot of female energy in it. But going back to Day Off, which is a secret love poem, once I heard you’d read it aloud and then I imagined it read aloud in a male voice, I felt as a woman yes, I’d like to be the recipient of such a heart. So it was wonderful to realize it worked both ways!

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  1. I could feel it as a love poem.

    A recording of the Zoom sessions is on YouTube, here…

    I pulled my audio from the video (cleaned up — I admit I hesitated a bit in reading, damn bifocals!) and saved it here…
    [audio src="" /]

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    1. I love how you read “Day Off” Ken! Nicely paced. Thank you again! Hope it’s okay, I also added the link to your recording to my Recordings Page, with attribution to you. When I’ve got an hour, I’ll listen to the whole Zoom reading you so kindly sent!

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      1. Ken, I saw the Zoom reading last night – so honoured to have you include those two poems of mine with yours! It’s always enlightening to hear another’s voice reading one’s poem – I get a better sense of how it sounds off the page and come to it more as a listener. I love the solid resonance of your voice – thank you again!

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