“Bride Drowns While Modelling Wedding Gown Near Rawdon”
CTV News Montreal – Aug. 24, 2012

First a coquettish dip of toes in the shallows, then a saucy
wade, the mud bottom making it easy to balance.

The Oureau River glinting, hurrying out of sight. Just Maria
and the photographer, before she consigned the dress to a box.

What next but to lift her veil, unmoor a few minds?—
swim a little, where it was deeper…not knowing

how thirsty that dress was: how it would drink and drink
and drink, until its weight was unbearable,

no Houdini to hold open the elevator door long enough
to uncuff her from all the snug finery, the lacy squeeze

of her lungs, irresistible pull to the river’s bed.
How her heart surely sank before she did, gonging

regret and betrayal. Sounds like a Stephen King story—
a gown with vows of its own. No, the horror’s more

the slippery ease with which vanity slides under our skin,
looks in the mirror, one way or another does us in.

This is the title poem from my new chapbook – just out from Finishing Line Press hooray! If you’d like a copy and don’t use this link and search instead, best to search the bookstore under the title “Irresistible”.

It is now also available on Amazon: . If you don’t use this link and search instead, it’s the opposite – there are so many books with “my” title, it’s best to search by my name.

Customer reviews are most welcome and greatly appreciated on both sites, should you be so inclined! Many thanks for reading, and more poems to come!

4 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. Rushing out to a meeting I see the flag on the mailbox is up – could be Irresistible! Sure enough. Open the envelope as I’m driving – but not so foolish as to try and read – but smiling now. After the meeting in the parking lot I open to Date Night – wow – beautiful! Drive to town to do some banking, sitting in the car before setting off again another random open n’read – Mute with Thanks. Whisper to myself “just awesome” – especially, oh especially the last two lines. l Looking so forward to enjoying (savouring) the read this evening and into the future – but now I better get back to work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris, you made my morning! Am so glad the book arrived and that it was received with such enthusiasm! I love “random open n’ read” – the thought of poems here and there accompanying you throughout your day. Thank you so much!


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